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R.M. Tappin, Ph.D.

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We are so privileged to introduce you to this incredible SPSS tutorial and guide that was developed by Laerd Statistics with the student's perspective front and center!


Everything you want or need to know about using SPSS to conduct statistical analyses is right here!


This site is better than anything that you have experienced on YouTube or any other SPSS  inspired how-to website!


You get a step-by-step SPSS guide with screen-shots that not only show you how to perform the SPSS operations - you also get clear, concise explanations of why you are doing what you are doing, what the result of each output means, and how to report your findings in APA format!


This site is a student's savior! It is like having an SPSS tutor at your side, guiding you every step of the way.


Forget YouTube tutorials! You do not have to deal with video hangups, fuzzy tutorials, "shakey" screens, annoying delays as "tutors" lose their train of thought, click on the wrong elements, or fumble while they waste your time trying to get back on track! You control how you learn - and everything is right at your fingertips for quick and easy reference!


The LAERD STATISTICS SPSS tutorial site was created for students with the assumption that you know diddly-squat about SPSS, or even understand the language of analytical statistics. And, in keeping with our student sensitive pricing philosophy,  you can choose to subscribe for one of the following tutorial plans:









There is nothing like the LAERD STATISTIC SPSS TUTORIAL GUIDE when it comes to having access to robust, clear, comprehensive SPSS instruction in one place!!


The depth and scope of information that you gain access to for as little as $5.99/month will amaze and gratify you! This invaluable information is priced so that no student who needs this knowledge would have to add to their financial education burden!


Take a look at what you will get for that price in the step-by-step SPSS guide and tutorial:


A student price-sensitive step-by-step guide and tutorial ~

highly recommended by our team of writers!!


Differences between groups


Independent-samples t-test

Paired-samples t-test

One-way ANOVA

Repeated measures ANOVA

Two-way ANOVA

Factorial (three-way) ANOVA

Within-within-subjects ANOVA


One-way MANOVA


Mann-Whitney U test

Wilcoxon signed-rank test

Kruskal-Wallis H test

Friedman test


Predicting scores


Linear regression

Multiple regression

Hierarchical multiple regression

Logistic regression


Statistical Tests

Data reduction


Principal components analysis



Graphs and Charts


Bar chart

Clustered bar chart


Grouped scatterplot


Getting to know SPSS


Creating a new file

Opening a file

Data setup in SPSS

Reverse coding in SPSS

Selecting cases in SPSS

Splitting a file

Weighting cases



Cronbach's Alpha

One sample


One-sample t-test



Pearson's correlation

Spearman's correlation

Chi-square for association

Loglinear analysis

Laerd Statistics... your new BFF!


1 month - $5.99


3 months - $9.99


6 months - $12.99



Testing for normality

Transforming data

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